Todd’s passion for hunting began as a young child when he tagged along on pheasant hunting trips with his father and grandfather. As he grew older, his hunting passion developed an enthusiasm for retrievers and eventually lead him to seek a full-time job training hunting dogs. Now with 18 years professional training experience, Todd brings tremendous familiarity and knowledge of retrievers to his training approach. He participates in mostly Senior and Master level AKC Hunt Tests throughout the spring and summer, handling client dogs and some of his own. Todd encourages you to come out for training sessions while your dog is being trained at Arrowhead Kennels. He believes that the training process for you as a handler, is just as important as the training your dog is receiving.

The training philosophy Todd remains faithful to is “every dog is different and must be treated as a unique animal with unique training needs”. There is no defined pace for when a dog has to complete certain drills or hit certain training levels. Todd loves the challenges that come with every dog he trains, and the individuality of every dog constantly gives him a new outlook on different training techniques.

Todd has participated in their hunt tests and club trials either by competing with dogs or judging various tests. He has also performed seminars for club members on various training techniques and drills. Over his career Todd has AKC titled over 100+ dogs.

Todd, his wife, Heather, and two children, Morgan and Drew, all enjoy participating in the kennel business from helping with boarding and training to raising lab puppies.